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Sushi & Rolls
(* Indicates Spicy)

California Roll
Inside Out Roll with Crab Meat, and Avocado

Spicy California Roll*
California Roll with Spicy mayo, and Chili Powder

Crunch California Roll
California Roll with Crunch

Philidelphia Roll (Raw)
Inside Out Roll with Cream Cheese, Raw Salmon, and Avocado

Spicy Tuna Roll* (Raw)
Inside Out Roll with Spicy Tuna, and Cucumber

Salmon Roll (Raw)
Inside Out Roll with Raw Salmon, and Cucumber

Avocado & Cucumber Roll
Inside Out Roll with Avocado, and Cucumber

 2 pcs Sushi

Sweet Fried Tofu Pouch Stuffed with Sushi Rice

Cooked Shrimp over Sushi Rice

Cooked Eel over Sushi Rice

Salmon (Raw)
Salmon over Sushi Rice